Equestrian Supplies

We pride ourselves on our fantastic offering of Feed, Forages, Supplements and essential Horse Care Products. Within our team we have both nutritional knowledge and all round equine knowledge and are always happy to discuss any requirements with you.

All the major feed brands are represented with hard feeds and chaffs for all horse types and work rates. Our Forages are all locally grown and of excellent quality. There is always Hay, Haylage, Straw and Cousin Jack bedding in stock, we also keep shavings, Bedmax and Easibed. Our Feed Supplement range and First Aid Department are always well stocked with an extensive variety of products.

If it’s a curry comb you’re after or the dog has just eaten your whip; if your neighbour has “borrowed” your lead rope, or your saddle needs cleaning, our Horse Care Products Section can always get you out of a hole!

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