Coal – We stock two excellent coals suitable for open fires, both give excellent heat and substantial flames, Group B is the larger nub and Group C is slightly smaller (and cheaper!)

Antricite – We stock 2 anthricites, one nub as it comes out the ground, Superglow is cheaper and suits top loading heaters, Taybrite is firmly established as a recognised brand in its own right with a very loyal following.  It is a reconstituted anthracite that burns with a lot of heat, to a dust and for a long time

Bagged Wood – We are very lucky sourcing fantastic local Kiln Dried Hard wood that not only burns well but also gives off a lot of heat.  Another local supplier supplies us with seasoned hard wood and other with soft wood – you will not find a better selection of bagged woods locally.

Reconstituted Wood – This product burns like a cross between wood and antricite and works very well in the new modern multi burners.

Kindling and Fire Lighters – We have an excellent local supplier of big bag and small bundle Kindling Woods and our Flamers Fire lighters are now a shop favourite at only £4.99!

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