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With good rainfall, Cornwall is renowned as an excellent producer of a range dairy products, our green and pleasant land feeds our cows very well! We try to offer you the very best dairy produce this country produces.

  • Milk


    All our milk comes from Rodda's which use the same milk that they make their cream from. They have a select group of local dairy farmers that we are proud to support.

    Whole Milk 2 litre


    Whole Milk 1 litre


    Semi Skimmed Milk 2 litre


    Semi Skimmed Milk 1 litre


    Skimmed Milk 2 litre


    Skimmed Milk 1 litre

  • Butter


    Produced in Lostwithiel by Trewithan Dairy - perfect on some freshly baked Baker Tom or Vickies bread.

    Cornish Butter Salted 250g


    Cornish Butter Unsalted 250g


    Cornish Spreadable Butter 250g

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  • Cheese by Truckle

    Cheese by Truckle

    Cornish Nanny Muffet 300g


    Cornish Garlic Yarg 900g (each)


    Cornish Yarg 900g (each)


    Helford Blue Cornish 200g (each)


    Helford Camembert 200g (each)

    Vegetarian & Pasteurised

    Deliciously rich and creamy soft cheese.  Perfect for a mini fondue dunking Vicky’s Sourdough Bread into!





    Helford Sunrise 200g (each)

    Vegetarian & Pasteurised

    Helford Sunrise is a soft cheese coloured with annatto and washed in cider to give a rich pungent cheese



    Worthy Cheddar




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    Helford White Cornish 200g (each)

    Vegetarian & Pasteurised

    Helford White is a soft white cheese with a tangy flavour, rind washed to create an apricot/pink edible rind.


    Ragstone Soft Goats Cheese 200g (each)

  • Cheese by Weight

    Cheese by Weight

    Cornwall has fantastic independent cheese producers, from the world famous Yarg made at Lynher Dairy Stithians, to Trevor and Julies St Gluvias made in Ponsanooth, we try very hard to source the best selection of Cornish cheese around.

    Applewood Smoked Cornish (200g)


    A wonderful farmhouse Cornish cheddar smoked in St Mawes.


    Cheddar – Cornish Davidstow

    A wonderfully flavorsome cheddar cheese made on the North Coast of Cornwall

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    Cheddar – Cornish Davidstow Vintage

    A wonderfully flavorsome cheddar cheese made on the North Coast of Cornwall

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    Cornish Brie (200g)


    Cornish Blue (200g)

    Vegetarian & Pasteurised

    A gorgonzola style texture with a soft creamy centre made from pasteurised milk. Award winning Cornish Blue Cheese made on the moors at Minnions.


    Gouda Cornish (200g)

    A Continental style cheese made by the Speiring family on the Tolvan Farm, Lanreath.  Made from milk from their own cows.  Particularly great in sandwiches and as an addition to any cheese board.


    Helford Blue Cornish (200g)

    Vegetarian & Pasteurised

    This cheese is made from milk from a herd of Holstein Friesian in a creamery high above the Helford River. Helford Blue is soft, creamy yet full of flavour. Mould forms on the outside giving a greyish blue rind.


    Stilton Cropwell Bishop (200g)


    Yarg Cornish (200g)

    The famous Cornish Yarg – smooth and creamy


    Yarg Wild Garlic Cornish (200g)

    The famous Cornish Yarg wrapped in wild garlic leaves giving a very subtel garlic hint

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  • Crackers for Cheese

    Crackers for Cheese

    Miller’s Elements Earth Crackers 100g

    Potato, beetroot and spinach crackers for cheese, patés and dips


    Miller’s Elements Fire Crackers 100g

    Smoked flour and red hot chilli crackers for cheese, patés and dips


    Miller’s Elements Water Crackers 100g

    Flame-baked water crackers for cheese, patés and dips


    Nairn’s Gluten Free Oatcakes 213g

    Versatile oatcakes delicious with cheese, paté or your choice of tasty topping


    Peter’s Yard Crispbread Selection Box

    A tasty selection of 3 Peter’s Yard sourdough crispbreads – spelt & poppy seed 90g, charcoal & rye 90g and original 90g


    Popti Seasalt Biscuits 100g

    Rich buttery thins, seasoned with crunchy Cornish Sea Salt.  Scrumptious with soft cheeses, rich patés and charcuterie.


    Popti Seaweed Biscuits 100g

    Savoury thins seasoned with hand foraged seaweed, partner beautifully with nutty cheeses, liver patés and salami

  • Chutneys for Cheese

    Chutneys for Cheese

    Cornish Chilli Company – Red Chilli Jam 225g

    Scrumptious and sticky!


    Cherry Tree Cheeseboard Chutney 300g


    Rose Farm Caramelised Onions 330g

    Delightfully sticky caramelised onion relish


    Stokes Fig Relish 250g


    Stokes Red Onion Marmalade 265g

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  • Cream and Custard

    Cream and Custard

    World renowned Rodda's make amazing cream and custard, perfect with most desserts and if you have not tried 'Thunder and lightening' you must!

    Rodda’s Double Cream 142ml


    Rodda’s Double Cream 284ml


    Rodda’s Clotted Cream 227g


    Rodda’s Clotted Cream 453g

  • Eggs


    Our Free Range eggs come from a local farm at Perranwell Station raised by the Carter family, and our Organic eggs come Penbugle Organic Farm at Liskeard. Delivered fresh every week, you will never buy a supermarket egg again!

    Free Range Eggs – box of 6 (Extra Large)


    Free Range Eggs – box of 6 (Large)


    Free Range Eggs – box of 6 (Medium)


    Organic Eggs – box of 6 (Mixed Grade)


    Organic Eggs – box of 6 (XL)

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  • Ice Cream

    Ice Cream

    Our good friends at Callestick supply us with amazing ice-cream, made just outside Truro with milk from their own cows - you will not be disappointed.

    Booja Booja Keep Smiling Vanilla Dairy Free Ice Cream 500ml


    Callestick Vanilla Ice Cream with Clotted Cream 1litre

  • Yoghurts


    All Cornish made lovingly by our friends at Trewithan Dairy, Lostwithiel

    Trewithen Natural Yoghurt 450g

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