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Cheese by Truckle

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    Cornish Garlic Yarg 900g (each)


    Helford Blue Cornish 200g (each)


    Helford Camembert 200g (each)

    Vegetarian & Pasteurised

    Deliciously rich and creamy soft cheese.  Perfect for a mini fondue dunking Vicky’s Sourdough Bread into!





    Helford Sunrise 200g (each)

    Vegetarian & Pasteurised

    Helford Sunrise is a soft cheese coloured with annatto and washed in cider to give a rich pungent cheese



    Worthy Cheddar




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    Helford White Cornish 200g (each)

    Vegetarian & Pasteurised

    Helford White is a soft white cheese with a tangy flavour, rind washed to create an apricot/pink edible rind.


    Ragstone Soft Goats Cheese 200g (each)

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