Smallholding Supplies

We all love to talk about chickens and Simon loves to talk about pigs! From drinkers and feeders to a large variety of feeds, plus all the lotions and potions you will ever need, come in for a chat and we will be able to answer all your questions and meet all your smallholding requirements.


Our Top Sellers

Farmgate – Is the core brand we supply for feeding chicken, pigs, cattle and sheep.  Farmgate has been around for many years and due to its high quality has a large following here in the South West.

Allen and Page – A family-owned business dating back to 1936, Allen & Page led the way in supplying natural horse, poultry, pig and goat feeds to help with feeding problems and all-round better nutrition.

Pentrasso Feeds – A small Cornish family based in St. Austell, mixing and crushing non-GM cereals locally.

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