Wild Bird Supplies

Because we buy in such large quantities direct from the manufacturer, we are always very competitive on wild bird food and feeders. We buy Buckton’s which is renowned for its high quality and offer a very large selection of feeds in 2kg bags or the more economical 20kg bags.

The range includes Peanuts, Wild Bird Food, Premium Wild Bird Food, Hulled Sunflower Seeds, Robin and Songbird Mix, Black Sunflower Seeds, Meal Worms, Fat Balls and Nyjer Seeds.

“Bringing with them life, colour and song, wild birds are a welcome visitor to any garden. Observing their delicate and cheeky characters offers a connection with nature for all walks of life. There are many ways to feed wild birds. Different species have different feeding and nutritional requirements, along with varying abilities to cling to feeders or the agility to feed from tables or the ground.”
Bucktons Quality Wild Bird Food

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